This is my nth blog in the past decade.  I have always loved the written word — the smell of books, the feel of pen gliding on paper, I have filled up notebooks beyond count ever since I received my first diary,  a graduation present from my dad after finishing 6th grade.  That was in the early 80’s.  I haven’t stopped writing since, journal-ing my life all the way from adolescence through midlife; writing up psych reports in my former profession before shifting to fulltime mom-mode to two precocious preschooler, born in midlife (mine), after 11 years of trying. But that’s another story I’ll save for another day.

Along came blogging.  I never quite got the hang of it, though I tried.  My early attempts ended after the first (and only) blog entry followed by months of inactivity during which time I just could not think of anything to blog about that I had not already recorded in my private journals.  Now I am ready to give it another try.  Why now?  

I have come across some very inspiring blogs of other women like myself, through social media.  One thing led to another and finally to wordpress; putting one foot in front of the other, or rather one finger after another on the keyboard, with each press of the button just somehow reawakening the hope that I could possibly after all, learn the art of blogging, and move that much closer towards becoming part of this fascinating community of bloggers (women and otherwise) all with something interesting and unique to share of themselves.  

Why now? I have reached a turning point in my life, where I realize that there is actually something I want to say, something to write about, something to blog about, that no longer fits neatly into a box on my fb wall (and I say this without sarcasm, for I have found fb very helpful in its own way for reaching out to friends and strangers both near and far), and that the things I want to say just cannot be contained any longer in the pages of my journal.  So there.  This is my way of connecting with all of you out there, in the closest thing there may be in cyberspace, to the familiarity and comfort of writing in one’s personal journal.  I am still getting the hang of navigating through this medium; but it cannot possibly get any simpler than this, with a step-by-step tutorial, and writing prompts for added inspiration, too! This was just the extra push I needed to plunge right back into the blogosphere!

I am reminded of the time, years ago, when I took scuba diving lessons; terrified of depths and feeling way out of my depth, feeling the fear, and doing it anyway; just showing up– first, at the dive pool, every session thinking this is definitely going to be my last, but then miraculously surviving, and then going on to the next session, then again deeper and deeper, until finally, from out of the swimming pool I was in open water in the deep blue sea of Anilao, Batangas, navigating through deep waters, all the way to earning my certification as an open water diver! Just like that– one small flutter-kick at a time.  One breath through the air tank, at a time.

 So, deep breath, here goes.  Just going to take this one tiny step at a time, one day at a time, one blogpost, one word, one line, one photo at a time, all the way through the rest of the year, by the grace of God!  


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